Microsoft numbers and Leopard launch — connection?

Is Microsoft scared of Apple?

Microsoft released their numbers yesterday.  [link].  They were impressive.  Vista is doing better than the blogosphere likes to credit.  Consumers are buying Vista despite its issues — of which I have many.  Office 2007 is great.  I am going to miss it when I return to the dark side by purchasing a Mac.  

Miscrosoft’s release of their numbers is timed exceedingly well — about 48 hours before Leopard launches.  This is enough time for those numbers to filter into the mainstream press and give MS the impression of momentum.  This action reminds me of an article I read the other day about the Obama presidential campaign and how Hilary’s campaign is playing smarter media games [link].  The basic idea was this -Obama planned a major speech on the anniversary of a speech where he denounced 
the Iraq war.

This speech was intended to highlight his differences from the other major candidates.  However, 
Hilary published her fundraising numbers on the same day as Obama’s speech.  Her numbers 
were impressive — just like Microsofts’.  Her announcement swamped any coverage of Obama’s big speech.  The news outlets covered her numbers and gave the impresion that she was pulling away from all of her competitors.  The timing of her announcement was brilliant and was a marketing coup against a smart, nimble, and smaller up-and-coming competitor.  

Sound familiar?  Micorosft just did the same thing to Apple.  It might not work as well as it did for Hilary but it will dampen some of Apple’s mainstream buzz surrounding Leopard’s launch.

Note: I am fully aware of the fact that Apple released their quarterly results a few days ago.  They were also impressive.  Microsoft simply may have had to release their results when they did and they simply fell into good timing.  If they did, lucky day for you, MS!  


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