Zune’s trippy new website — a harbringer of a new type of website presentation?

Zune has a new website and a video. They are trippy. Thanks Techcrunch for pointing me towards it.

Watch the video and checkout the website (here). The video is neat but I think the website is very cool. It is different. It navigates in semi-3d space and you move from one space to the other simply by pushing your mouse forward or back. There doesnt seem to be any information in that 3d space except for trippy pictures. However, imagine if those pictures held portals to further 3d spaces with more information. One could conceive a whole new way to navigate. The site really made me feel as if I had entered a whole new world rather than just looking at, what is post-zune, boring old webpages. Of course, there may be some navigation limitations involved in creating a realistically useful site.

What this really makes me think is: we are desperately in need of a website revolution. We have Web 2.0. It changes the underlying nature of what we can do with a website. Yet the presentation of Web 2.0 website are still fundamentally Web 1.0. There are still boring and plain except filled with ajax features.

Since no one seems to know for sure what form Web 3.0 is going to take (although an underlying semantic web is a possibility), this could be it [from an interactivity/design standpoint]. Imagine a new way to navigate in a 3D world coupled with Ajax usefullness. Some people might not understand it and they could click a button to switch views. Add in smart searching to find the content you need, smart ads that stylistically couple with the content you want and you are golden.

Here is an example of what I picture: I go to a website like http://www.Buy.com. I can fly through their store from one section to the next (from DVDs to computers, to books, and so forth). Each section is stylistically different and the style coincides with the product category. I can either stay in that section and check out the various subsections that float in space with 3D pictures representing their sub-category. If I want to move to the next category, I can “fly” there. If, instead, I want to search for a product, I type in my seach and instead of a normal listing, I receive a floating group of products that meet my search criteria. The most relevant products are closest to the middle of the frame and then move out from there.

I have this dream of a web that sucks me into a whole new world…


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