Why I switched from Blogger to WordPress

I recently started blogging. I started with Blogger because it is one of the main services and is part of Google. While Google scares me at times, its programs tend to be some of the best. Plus, despite the eerie privacy issues, I love having a single log-in name for everything. Basically, I tend to really enjoy Google services and do not want particularly want to leave their bubble.

However, blogger lacks the functionality of WordPress. My customization options are few. Adding widgets beyond the mere basics is difficult. Frankly, it was not up to the level of other Google programs and is easily beaten by WordPress.

I still have some playing around to do with both sites and will reserve final judgement for later. One thing holding WordPress back from winning outright is that adding my Google Reader shared items to my WordPress blog is difficult. I am working on this now. Wish me luck.



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