Dear Apple

Dear Apple,

I am pretty much in love with my new Macbook Pro. Unlike many folks out there, I have had few problems with Leopard. Considering how much of my work is now online, I want simple things from a computer. I want it to start-up quickly. I want it to wake-up immediately. I want my programs to work when I need them. My clean install of Vista on my old (but pretty decent computer) couldn’t handle those things. While I am admittedly still in the honey-moon phase of our relationship, I am pretty much smitten. Except for one issue.

I hate the fact that I suddenly care about the looks of my laptop. I hate the fact that I follow every rumor of a Macbook update with part fascination, part excitement, and part jealousy. I hate the fact that I never cared if an upgrade came out for my old computer and I care with you. The moment you upgrade the Macbook Pro, my Porsche BMW of a computer will be outdated. The internals might be nearly identical but everyone who sees my shiny silver Macbook will look down on it. It will no longer be the cool kid on the block.

I also hate that you have become so popular. I was way ahead of the curve with my love of you. I bought into the Mac idea in 1996. You weren’t so hot then but I initially thought I had found a diamond in the ruff. Unfortunately, it took you more years to mature then I could give you. Now I am back. Unfortunately, you are old news. A good 30% of my law school has an Apple (that number is probably much higher in the 1L class compared to the 3L/4L class that I am part of).

I hate that despite all these issues, I still recommend you to everyone I know. Damn.

Until the beach ball becomes permanently frozen and I am forced to use my Vista partition,



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