iPhone vs. gPhone — a marriage unraveling fast?

If I were Apple, I’d be pissed by the announcement of the gPhone/Android.

Android’s default user interface may be strikingly similar to the iPhones (and why not, people love it).  I am sure Google collected a lot of helpful information when they were intertwining their Apps with the iPhone.

Poor Apple is stuck in a multi-year relationship with AT&T.  Apple is forced to brick phones and force developers to slow and/or stop development of 3rd party apps.  By the time Apple’s contract with AT&T is over, Android may embody everything the iPhone’s OS is plus a ton more.  Imagine Apple’s iPhone OS, tightly integrated with Web 2.0 tools, thousands of 3rd party apps to choose from, on devices ranging the entire smartphone spectrum.  I like what I see.

Unfortunately for Apple, I am a consumer.  They are a company stuck in a deal built on their own greed and hubris.  By the time an iPhone variant launches on a cellular service that I use, I’ll probably quite happy with my gPhone(s)/Android.

The iPod built Apple by becoming the default MP3 player.  With its multi-year lock-in deal with ATT, the iPhone will never become the default.  However, Android does have a chance.

A note I saw from Google to Apple: “Thanks for teaching us the mobile phone market.  We look forward to having our software available to 100% of the U.S. market.  Can’t wait to compete with you in a few years!  Bummer you are stuck with only +25% of the market.  Love your former friend, Google.”

How much longer will we see Google Apps as default programs on iPhones?  I wonder…


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