Macbook Pro problems

One week into my Mac ownership and I am starting to question my decision to purchase a Mac.

Today, my keyboard froze and unfroze on a regular 2min on, 2 min off basis.  I quit all the programs.  The problem persisted.  I decided to go for the very Windows-esque solution —  restart my computer.  I  clicked on the apple icon in the top left hand corner and then clicked on restart.  Nothing happened.  I did it again.  Nothing happened.  I did this a few more times.  Still nothing.  Then I just tried clicking on shut down.  Same problem.  I finally had to go with the only option left to me — hold down my power key.

Wow.  When I bought a Mac, I was sure those problems were behind me.  Most everyone I know who has a Mac, loves it.  Of course, most everyone I know don’t install a ton of 3rd party software on their computer.  At most, they install firefox.  I enjoy modifying my computer and using the “best” programs rather than just Apple programs.  I did the same on my PC and it ended up slowing down my computer.  I thought a large portion of the issues from those programs was due to Vista.  However, I might be at least partially incorrect.  Leopard has the same issues.

I still love the design but this makes me wonder if I should have stayed with my old promise and never buy a Mac again…


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