Copyrights & Larry Lessig

TED talks are great. I am glad they made them available to the public — lucky us. I highly recommend watching them.

One of the more interesting ones that was just released is Larry Lessig, the veritable Internet/media law professor. I recommend watching the whole video (it is only 18 minutes long). However, if you are short on time, start watching at about the half-way mark.

His point is pretty simple – don’t steal content but we should all should be allowed to re-mix. My generation will create new “amateur” content but due to the restrictions placed on copyrights by the big media companies, we are all turning into law-breaking citizens with a disregard for the law. That is not good for us, for society or for the world.

Happy watching

UPDATE: Sumner Redstone (all of 84) disagrees (here).  Too bad he probably won’t be around to see what happens when a generation used to buying CDs ages and is replaced by a generation raised on file-sharing and “illegal” mashups.


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