Where have I been?

You must be wondering, what happened to Adam?  Good question…

In chronological order:

1. Finals

2. Trip to DC

3. Trip to Honduras.  Another post will describe this adventure.

4. Return to DC for a few days — Ask Randi to marry me!  She said, “yes.”

5. Fly to Miami for a New Year’s celebration with many of our closest friends…Thank you for the fun, South Beach.  I am glad that I have experienced your parties and I am equally happy to be leaving them behind.

6. Head to Delray Beach for an engagement celebration with some of the family.

7. Fly to Kona, Hawaii (the “Big Island”) with Randi and my parents.  The Big Island is now my favorite beach locale.

8. Fly to Miami, start classes.

9. Fly to Boston to visit my ailing grandfather who was receiving some newfangled type of radiation treatment.  Very cool stuff.

10. Search for jobs….basically the focus of my life.

11. Continue my love affair with reading the news, blogs, and some good books.  I think I can carry on an intelligent conversation with anyone about anything.  Unfortunately, that talent does not help one with grades or finding a job (although I argue that it does help once in a job).

Note that these are not excuses.  I do not believe in excuses.  They are simply reasons why my blog was not a priority.  It is now.


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