Sprint launched their own $99 unlimited plan — no “” marks needed

Today, Sprint launched their own $99 unlimited plan. Peep the press release here. Unlike its competitor’s $99 plan, this one truly is unlimited. That means the quote marks surrounding Verizon/Tmobile/ATT’s plans are not necessary. This plan includes all you can talk, all you can web surf, all you text, all you can watch. For the smart phone (or really talkative crowd), this is a great deal.

For a comparison, a similarly unlimited plan with everything included costs $35 more from ATT and $39 more from Verizon.  Of course, ATT also happens to have the best smart phones (such as that unnamed monstrosity from Apple) and the slowest network while Verizon has the best coverage and a 3G network as fast as Sprints’.

No matter how you look at it, you have to say, “Sprint, great job!”  You have finally given users a reason to switch to Sprint. You have now differentiated yourself.  That wasn’t too hard, was it?

The slippery slope towards commodity status marches on…


One thought on “Sprint launched their own $99 unlimited plan — no “” marks needed

  1. I figure Sprint charged more, when I signed up, because of the quality of their network. While I still think the network is great, the price Sprint is offering is being beaten by their own named/supported comapanies. Boost Mobile uses the Sprint network and yet, charges $50 less for the same plan and requires no contract. What gives for Sprint customers? Obviously, the prepaid aspects of Sprint are more important than keeping current customers from this pricing difference. Take the time as a customer to let Sprint’s president know how that deal should be company wide – http://sites.google.com/site/sprintcustomersunite/

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