A lot is coming

I have a lot of topics that need some blog time. Here are a few that are coming — whenever I find the time between Bschool/law school/bar app/and graduation…

1. My journey into “Parallels” usage (i.e. installing and then running Parallels for the Mac). Plus, one of these days installing Ubuntu.

2. Windows Media Center & Computing on your TV — a review, very basic how-to, and some Cogitatus’ thoughts.

3. Mac vs. PC – I think I have used my Mac long enough to begin to have a decent idea of why I like one versus the other.

4. iPod Touch.

5. Sprint + Google + Cable Companies + Intel + my mother = WiMAX nivana?! Check this article, among others.

6. Social directories.

7. Contract making websites (such as Agree2)– the doom of low-level lawyers everywhere?

8. Cricket Wireless’ $35 unlimited data plan — the slippery slope becomes steeper.

9. Netflix streaming movies to Xbox Live — it’s about time [that Microsoft did something to take the Xbox Live service to the next step].

10. The sad split of Motorola’s handset business from the rest of the company. This is a business failure of gargantuan proportions (from a management perspective). How could this happen? You had the Razor. Also to note, the provocative letter from a Moto insider — Numair Faraz. Go him!

Phew…that is it as of right now.



2 thoughts on “A lot is coming

  1. Cogi –

    If you need a hand or have any questions about Parallels, email me!

    Director of Corporate Comms & resident Mac nerd

  2. Wow…go Parallels. I actually have had some problems (coming in a post). However, it says a lot about Parallels as a company that they are so on top of blogs/media.

    Note to every company in any space — start monitoring blogs. Be proactive. It helps and is a smart money decision. It costs more up front than if you did nothing, but will save you more over the long-term.

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