Apple tablet computer and/or internet tablet or cloud computer

I want an iPod Touch with a 12-14 inch screen and the width of a Macbook Air.  I want to cradle my computer in my hand or lap and read it like a book.  I don’t want to use a mouse or keyboard unless absolutely necessary.  My fingers work just fine.

The majority of my life is centered around the internet.  A powerful computer (like my Macbook Pro) is great for a few specialized tasks that really push it (which I personally enjoy doing to hardware).  However, a huge percentage (90% or more) of the time I spend sitting in front of the computer is spent online.  My email is held on some magic google server.  My news comes from websites, I can do everything with my pictures online, and I can track my friend’s lives online, and I can write documents, create spreadsheets and presentations online.  I don’t need a strong processor.

What I need is a strong internet connection.

I don’t care who makes this device (and sorry, Nokia, but your N800 does not cut it.  I have used it and it misses the mark).  I have a feeling this device will come from Apple.  The phone manufacturers couldn’t produce an iPhone and computer makers still can’t make a system that is as quiet, cool, or small as my Macbook Pro (if judged by the same techical specs).

I’m looking to the future…


3 thoughts on “Apple tablet computer and/or internet tablet or cloud computer

  1. Ever heard of the asus eeepc? The new version has a 10 inch touchscreen and costs about $400.

    So apple won’t be the first.

    And computer makers have made/make better looking high-end computers than the macbook pro.

    Have a look at alienware, shuttle and dozens of others.

  2. Linuxowns,

    I have heard of the Asus eeepc. It is a very cool computer. However, it does not have a touchscreen.

    And yes, other manufacturers have made computers that compare favorably with the Macbook Pro. I cant quibble with you on looks — that is person (nor did I say that I necessarily love the looks of the MBP).

    But Apple does one thing better than anybody else — create brilliantly designed computers. My MBP is quieter, lighter, and sleeker than any computer with similar specs. The same goes for the Air, and iPhone/iPod Touch. Apple is not necessarily the first to use the technology but they tend to perfect it.

  3. The new version (it isn’t out yet) will have a touch screen, sorry for the confusion.

    Apple does have great designs, you can’t argue with that.

    I’m just saying there are other computers that look great.

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