iPod Touch Review – THE first generation internet tablet

I received an 8 gig iPod Touch as a present this past December.  I immediately “unlocked/cracked” it so that I could install whatever I wanted on it.

Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed my iPod Touch but not for the reasons one might imagine.

First, three confessions: a) up until this December, I had never owned an iPod.  I refused to jump on that bandwagon.  It was my little anti-crowd protest. b) I don’t listen to much music when I am on the move.  I prefer to hear what is going on around me and revel in the sound of life.  I know that sounds corny but it is true.  I like to hear the world rather than be walled within my own little world of digital music.  c) I firmly believe in device convergence and was expecting cellphone MP3 players to work well and be the next big thing (such as my LG Muziq).  Instead they were all inelegant solutions that only made me not want to use their music features.  Then of course the 500 lb gorilla called the iPhone launched.

I have Sprint so the iPhone was not an option.  But when the Touch launched, I knew I had to have one.

Do I use it to listen to much music, no.  Do I watch many videos on it?  Rarely.  I like to read when I fly although I highly recommend Ted videos to anyone interested in learning something.

Instead, I use my iPod Touch as a an internet tablet/gateway.  I am not near a computer more often than I imagined while still within free WiFi range.  I used to go online with my phone.  It’s screen is small.  Now I go online with my Touch and I absolutely love the experience (if no computer is nearby).  It works flawlessly and fast.  It is a mini-computer with the best input device — a finger (versus mouse, etc).  Post-crack, I have a ton of other fun and interesting programs installed.

I would recommend a Touch to anyone who is not in the market for an iPhone.

What am I really waiting for?  A WiMAX enabled iPod Touch.  Then, I could go online anywhere and everywhere and I would be in heaven.  I like (and hate) being connected.


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