Why I love the video game business

My blog sub-header says that I cover gaming. I have yet to write a significant post on gaming so why is that in the sub-header?

Like every good male (and some lucky females) of my generation, I play video games. I don’t play a lot but I play instead of watching TV. I would rather improve my hand-eye coordination than dull my eyes.

My first taste of video games was at my friend’s house. We played Atari. Generally speaking, my parents were against any video games. Heman and imagination were my brother and my toys. However, around 1993 or ’94 when my parent’s anger at my brother and me during road trips boiled over, we each received a Gameboy. Tetris was awesome. In 1996, one of my Dad’s clients bought us a Sega Genesis 2 and another one bought us a Turbo Grafix 16. Sonic + Bomberman = the cooltech future.

However, oddly, I found reading about the video game business more interesting than playing the games. Sure, they were fun but my Next Generation magazine was more fascinating (I have almost every issue carefully stored, btw). What games and systems were coming next, who was launching when, why did Japan always receive the best stuff first, etc. I loved it. The business of video gaming grabbed me. Something about that razor/blade model… 🙂

I could write about the games that I am playing such as Mass Effect & CoD4 but I would rather read about and then comment on how Xbox Live can be Microsoft’s Facebook if they only tried (more niche, at least to start). I also much prefer reading Dean Takahashi’s books on the building of the Xbox and Xbox 360 (both great business books) and then ponder how Sony could have made so many mistakes with the PS3.

The business is fascinating, fun, and brutal mixed with every bit of technology available. A smart video game company needs to build a product that includes the best technology, mixed with innovation and internet capabilities. Video game systems are merging into super computers (or so they said about PS3’s Cell processor). Technology, telecommunications, and the internet are all merging in the video game field, which is why I love it.

Not only can a person read about the field and products (and marketing involved) but then they can play with and use what is created!


2 thoughts on “Why I love the video game business

  1. Hey
    That was a nice post.
    Like the way you wrote.
    Online games have been expanding like wildfire lately.
    Plethoras of gaming website coming up lately are a testimony to this.

    However as a core gamer, I found many of them missing the depth.

    Of the many WATGame was the one that caught my attention. Clearly written by a passionate gamer, the articles had that distinctive feel to them.

    I would like to know of any more that you would like to suggest on such topics.

    Happy Writing!

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