Installing RAM on a Macbook Pro

When I bought my computer, it came with 2GB of RAM. I like speed and hate waiting for my computer to do something. More RAM = faster computer = happier Adam.

Upgrading from 2GB to 4GB of RAM, if done through Apple, costs $400. Buying more RAM on Newegg costs approximately $75 (with free 3 day shipping!). For the math challenged, that is a difference of $325.

For some, that extra $325 is worth paying. Apple installs the memory for you without any hassle or worry on your part.

I am here to tell you that you should not worry. It took me 15 minutes to install my new RAM in my Macbook Pro. 15 minutes! I bought 2 2GB DIMMs of DDR2 667mhz memory.

Here is a brief tutorial of what to do:

1. Shut down your computer

2. Turn it over

3. Take out the battery

4. Remove the three tiny screws that you see

5. Take off the metal case that was held down by those screws

6. Remove your current RAM as shown by the picture next to the RAM

7. Put in your new RAM

8. Close everything back up, replace your battery, turn on your computer. Your MBP will automatically detect the new memory.

Total time = 15 minutes.

If my brief tutorial sounds too simplistic, check out this video by Chris Pirillo:


4 thoughts on “Installing RAM on a Macbook Pro

  1. Thanks for the tutorial, however why did you put in 4GB of RAM? The IBM chipset in the Macbook Pro has a maximum addressable RAM space of 3GB. I suggest replacing only one of your slots with the 2GB module for half the price. Then sell the 1GB stick you pulled out on eBay and save even more.

  2. Robert,

    There are two distinct reasons why I put in 4GB of RAM rather than 3GB: 1. I like speed and the marginal cost for another 2GB of RAM is small. The Intel chipset in the newer Macbook Pros can handle 4GB of RAM with ease. 2. I read, in a number of places, that it was a bad idea to mix/match ram. I should have the same amount of RAM, from the same manufacturer in both DIMM slots. It is possible that had I mixed/matched, my computer would not have worked. I would rather be safe than sorry, especially when the cost is low.

    On your ebay point, I could re-sell my old 2GB of RAM on ebay but a) I doubt I could get much for it considering how much 2GB of NEW RAM would cost. b) I am planning on putting the old RAM into my old laptop.

  3. Hey I found your post thru a bit of Googling on upgrading RAM on the MBP. I’ve recently just upgraded it like what you did from 2GB to 4GBs.

    BUT my issue is, while I”m streaming some content over websites (e.g. Youtube etc), my fans go off much louder than it should and it’s as if the MBP would take off soon and fly off my desk!!

    Is this a regular occurrence?


  4. Keith…did you have this problem prior to installing the new ram? Is it possible this is due to something else you changed in your computer recently?

    New/more ram shouldnt do anything like you are describing. Instead, I have a feeling it has something to do with other programs that you have installed that simply do not like youtube and its scripts.

    Which web browser are you running? Have you tried running different ones to see whether the problem occurs in them, as well? Give that a try and let me know how it goes.


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