Surfing the web from the couch

Have you ever found yourself wanting to join the family in the living room but you can’t because you are tied to your office computer?  

If your answer is “yes,” then you have two solutions: 1. use your laptop.  Unfortunately, they get hot.  2. Setup an all-in-one computer, such as the iMac, on your living room coffee table.  

I moved last week and during the move, I became one computer richer as I now have access to my fiance’s 20 inch iMac.  As we only have one desk with room for one computer (mine right now), we needed a place for her iMac.  The only other flat surface with easy access to an outlet was the coffee table.  

Boy am I ever glad we don’t have a second desk.  I love this setup (unfortunately, she is not so happy with the “look.”).  With a wireless keyboard/mouse and a lower resolution (to enlarge the font), I can sit on a comfortable couch and surf the web/email/blog with abandon (and save my back from desk chairs).  

As an added bonus, minus hooking up a computer to a TV, this is an ideal way to watch all of your favorite web videos from Hulu/youTube, and could negate one spending money on an Apple TV/Netflix Roku box or something similar.

For those with families and whose lives center on the living room, this setup is even better (so long as you can secure the power cord).  If you spend a lot of time in an office but still need to go online when home, this is a great way to do it.


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