Firefox 3 versus Safari processor usage

For those still in a hole, Firefox 3 has launched.  All the reviews talk about its better memory management.  I have 4 Gigs of ram and, frankly, don’t care about memory usage.  I do, however, care about processor usage.  The more my processor runs, the hotter my computer becomes (and the more electricity I use).  The hotter it becomes the more my fans run.  The more my fans run, the noisier my computer becomes.  I hate noisy computers and I don’t want to replace my fans [if they break from overuse].

Firefox 2 was a relatively heavy processor user (with a bunch of add-ons running).  My MBP’s fans routinely ran at around 2000 rpm but would spike higher fairly frequently.  With Firefox 3 out and the newest version of Safari, I tested the two side-by-side.

My very unscientific test (note, I really dont have time to do more than a cursory test at the moment) reveals that Firefox 3 (with a few add-ons) tends to use less of my processor.  I now run at about 1800 rpm.  In safari (with no add-ons), I run at around 1900 rpm.

Post-bar, I will do more testing and figure out which browser reigns supreme in processor usage.

Fiance is done with work.  Time for bed.


E-Books test take 1

If you have read some of my previous posts, I am a big fan of the idea and potential of e-books.  My experience has shown that reality does not yet jive with the idea.  E-books are simply not easy to use or read (unless you have a Kindle/Sony e-book reader).  The DRM that I have encountered destroys the entire experience (not being able to print is ridiculous).

The venerable David Pogue of the NYTimes has written extensively on the subject.  He is doing a test.  Read about it here. David, I hope it works out for you.  It is a noble and brave test but as a lover of the future, I am glad to seeing you taking the ultimate plunge.  Much luck.

When the Kindle 2 comes out, I hope someone might buy me one (*hint hint*).

iPhone vs. Nintendo DS vs. Playstation Portable (PSP)

I just wrote this long, elegant (not really) post about the above title.  Somehow it was deleted.  I don’t have the energy to re-write it.

Here is a rundown:

  • iPhone’s multi-touch + gyroscope/accelerometer + software version 2.0 (and the download website) make it an amazing gaming platform.  I speak from experience with my “cracked” iPod Touch.
  • The iPhone is what the next DS should have been (and maybe will be):  the iPhone is the mini-Wii.
  • When it comes to portability, would you rather have many devices that do 1 thing really well or one device that does all the things pretty well (and in the Iphones case, maybe better)?  I would rather have one.  My pocket will thank me.
  • What does the future hold?  Nintendo and Sony (and probably Microsoft albeit through a software/zune gaming solution), will launch multi-touch, accelerometered gaming cell phones.  If they are marketed as gaming cell-phones, a-la Nokia’s Ngage, they will fail.  However, the PSP next is just an amazing looking (and working) Sony/Ericsonn phone that also happens to play playstation games, then it could succeed.
  • Microsoft will spend a lot of time making Windows Mobile gaming a reality
  • I might be wrong on Nintendo DS Next’s future — knowing Nintendo, they will keep it just as a gaming platform.
  • One thing is certain, the iPhone is about to steal the portable gaming market’s thunder the same way it stole the smartphone market’s thunder.  Cue the slapping your head “duh” moment from Nintendo/Sony/MS executives and fanboys alike (minus Nokia, they saw it coming although they couldn’t get it really right).

Check out this video from IGN.

Now I wish Randi could finish her work (it is 11:47pm and my twenty minutes of non-bar thought is up.  Time to go to bar dreams…evidence, crimpro, property — snore).