Firefox 3 versus Safari processor usage

For those still in a hole, Firefox 3 has launched.  All the reviews talk about its better memory management.  I have 4 Gigs of ram and, frankly, don’t care about memory usage.  I do, however, care about processor usage.  The more my processor runs, the hotter my computer becomes (and the more electricity I use).  The hotter it becomes the more my fans run.  The more my fans run, the noisier my computer becomes.  I hate noisy computers and I don’t want to replace my fans [if they break from overuse].

Firefox 2 was a relatively heavy processor user (with a bunch of add-ons running).  My MBP’s fans routinely ran at around 2000 rpm but would spike higher fairly frequently.  With Firefox 3 out and the newest version of Safari, I tested the two side-by-side.

My very unscientific test (note, I really dont have time to do more than a cursory test at the moment) reveals that Firefox 3 (with a few add-ons) tends to use less of my processor.  I now run at about 1800 rpm.  In safari (with no add-ons), I run at around 1900 rpm.

Post-bar, I will do more testing and figure out which browser reigns supreme in processor usage.

Fiance is done with work.  Time for bed.


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