iPod Touch Apps & Apple App Store

For my study break tonight, I installed Apple’s version 2.0 software update for my iPod Touch.

Put simply, it makes my iPod the best pda in the business.  Now I really want an iPhone since I hate being tethered to wifi but might dislike ATT and their iPhone ripoff just as much.

I am tired so I will keep this brief (and try not to regurgitate too much of what other’s have already said) — the iPhone is a great piece of hardware but the software + the app store = an amazing piece of equipment.

In a manner similar to computer makers who are stuck with Windows (see my previous post), phone manufacturers are going to have difficulty replicating the iPhone/iPod Touch’s software and app store.  Hardware is easily replicated (see Sprint’s Samsung Instinct) but software legions of fans (and businesses) wanting to create programs for your software is not.  Apple’s App store is the “hot” place right now.  That could change (especially when Google’s Android is released) but Apple has a big head start, which is growing by the day.

Quick review: The App store is already good and will only get better as more software is released.  However,  not all of this new software is up to Apple quality and my Touch has already frozen on me once.  How long until people begin to blame Apple for 3rd party software problems (see Windows for an example of how this happens)?

Even still, RIM, Nokia, Samsung, LG, you have major work to do and I hope you do it asap!


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