Networking Fiend

I moved into a new place in May.  It is a new building and every apartment is wired with CAT5e ethernet [rather than phone lines].  The builder put in telecom routers.  Despite my best efforts, speaking with the ethernet subcontractor and a number of electricians, I could not set up a network. What did I do?

I took down their telecom routers, I cut and crimped my own ethernet wires and then hooked them up to one of the three wireless routers I have in the apt.  I now have a beautifully fast ethernet network (30Mbps down and 2Mbps up).

As one would imagine is required with a good network, here is what I have hooked up to it:

1. Xbox 360

2. Tivo HD (and now have Tivo Connect setup with my network so that I can view my photos and listen to my mp3s).

3. Vonage

4. Wii (using my Tivo’s wireless G network card — I did not think it would work but it did, right away).

5. Old laptop computer, which is hooked up to the TV via S-video (doesnt look great but I am working on that) and using wireless keyboard/mouse.

6. Two other computers hooked up wirelessly.



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