Why I don’t care about the “Genius” Feature of Itunes 8

I have iTunes 8 and I have a lot of songs.  iTunes new “Genius” feature, where the program is supposed to figure out which songs go together, a-la-Pandora or Last.fm, does not interest me.

Why?  Simple — I never listen to my iTunes songs.  I hate trying to find music that I enjoy or want to listen to right now.  I would rather spend my time reading than finding music.  I know that is just how I work but I am a lazy music-listener.  I want the music I like without the work or hassle.

Now, all of my music listening is done through a) AOL Radio, b) Pandora, C) Last.fm.  These services are similar to many subscription services except they are all free (with some advertisements).

I no longer have any need for ownership of my music.  I am sure that statement would scare the music companies (especially since they are, supposedly, not receiving a “fair” amount for the music that these online stations play — see politics).  That sort of statement has obviously scared Apple (and the Microsoft Zune team), which is why they came up with the “Genius” feature.

The feature is a good idea in concept and should stem some bleeding of users towards these services.  However, if you want to listen to any new music (new being a) anything not in your library or b) recently released), the “Genius” feature still requires work on your part.  You have to buy the music.  With each of these services in my pocket (a la iPod Touch/iPhone) and on my computer, why would I ever need to buy new music and then use Apple’s “Genius?”


One thought on “Why I don’t care about the “Genius” Feature of Itunes 8

  1. ralph…learn where to post comments!

    from ralph: Yes, Pandora is the bomb. Easily one of the best apps since the introduction of third party software on the iPhone, and I now use it on the computer all the time.
    I do like the Genius feature though because a) it makes making playlists about 1,000,000x easier, b) it’s ten times better than party shuffle which does not distinguish between hard rock and jazz and may thus play them one after the other, c) if I’m looking for new music, the genius feature does a pretty decent job at suggesting it, and i’d rather buy like this than how I did before, which felt more “blind”

    Keep up the good posting, buddy…

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