Duplicate Programs in User Folder

The installation of Snow Leopard prompted me to do something semi-dangerous — delete a bunch of duplicate programs.

These duplicate programs resided in my “Users” folder under the folder “Adam” (the other folder is “shared”).  Because I have this inane trust in Apple, I assumed that these programs were supposed to be there and that they were not in fact true duplicates.  I thought that they were just a link to the main file.

I was wrong.

Snow Leopard made me look at my old Mac programs, which I thought would have been deleted during Snow Leopard installation.  The old Mac programs were not deleted.  I copied to new Snow Leopard Mac program version into my “Apple” folder.

I then looked at the “user –> Adam” folder.  All the programs in that file were the older (sometimes much older) version of the most recent version of a given program.  The most up-to-date version of the program resided in my “Application” folder.

I have no idea how these programs came to reside in this location.  I never directed them to install here.  My guess is that they installed in this location at the same time of the original program installation.  As I updated the file that also resided in the “application folder” these files did not change or update.  My assumption (giving Apple the benefit of the doubt) is that these files reside here as a backup in case your main application version becomes corrupted somehow.  This is smart except for one problem — if you do a spotlight search for a program, it is not clear which version is the updated one and you may end up using the older one.  Apple should delineate the the backup file as such.  Of course, this is only speculation.  Maybe this is something that is wrong with my machine.

With that said, I have Time Machine so I deleted away.  I deleted 90% of the programs (about 80 files).  I recovered about 3 gigs of space.  My computer is still running fine without any issues (yet). If you are worried about doing this, don’t worry too much.  No problems here thus far.

Next time I install a file, I will check to see if it copies to the “user –> Adam” folder.

Has anyone else seen this occur?  Is this normal?  Is there a way to turn this off?


Apple Snow Leopard

My Macbook Pro has a horribly small hard drive — 120gb.  With Windows Vista taking up 32 gigs, I was not left with much.  With some music and a bunch of random applications, I was left with little extra space.  As of last week, I had about 3gigs of free space.

When Snow Leopard, the new operating system from Apple, was announced, I was curious.  I am a tech guy so new OS’s interest me.  However, I am not usually one to jump at version 1 of most products.

Snow Leopard promised something that I could not pass up — more free space on my hard drive (8 gigs was promised).  I pre-ordered Snow Leopard via Amazon.  Choosing free super saver shipping, Amazon took exactly 14 days to deliver my item.  Super Saver shipping is never usually that slow (although they claim it could take 10 business days and it did).

I immediately installed Snow Leopard.  My main goal: free up hard drive space.  The installation requires 5 free gigs.  I found some files to move to my external backup drive and had 5.15 free gigs.  Installation proceeded and took a little over an hour.

At the end — 18.5 free gigs.  In other words, Snow Leopard gave me back ~13.5 gigs.  Thank you, Apple.  This one improvement is huge.  [If only MS was promising the same with Windows 7.  My Windows Vista partition is completely out of space — only 32 megs of space free, seriously].

With a few days of light use, I have only found one major problem with Snow Leopard.  It installed new versions of many the main Mac programs such as Quicktime and iChat.  However, it did not delete the older versions.  This may be due to the fact that I have the older versions in folders other than the “Application” folder.  Either way, I am about to delete the older programs and hope it does not some how corrupt the newer programs (which are clearly using data from the older programs).  Wish me luck.

Side note: my computer seems to run at about the same speed as before.  No changes there but the free gigs are huge.

Happy anniversary Dreamcast

10 years ago today, one of the best game systems of all time launched — Dreamcast.

I was at the midnight launch in Montgomery mall.  The next day, I left for my senior year of high school.

Dreamcast with Soul Caliber and NFL 2k made senior year at boarding school go much more fun (only allowed a TV during your senior year).  No one could beat me at NFL 2k and few could beat me at Soul Caliber.

Once I reached college and the Xbox and Halo launched, I was never that good again (but LAN Halo 1 on your sophomore dorm hall is easily one of the best experiences a person could have).

Who remembers Next Generation Magazine?  I have almost every copy ever made.  I loved it.  It covered the Dreamcast extensively.  Dreamcast was the first and the last system I stood in line to buy.  I still own my DC today and toy with the idea (if I ever could find the time) of setting it back up). Great times.

Happy anniversary Dreamcast.