Happy anniversary Dreamcast

10 years ago today, one of the best game systems of all time launched — Dreamcast.

I was at the midnight launch in Montgomery mall.  The next day, I left for my senior year of high school.

Dreamcast with Soul Caliber and NFL 2k made senior year at boarding school go much more fun (only allowed a TV during your senior year).  No one could beat me at NFL 2k and few could beat me at Soul Caliber.

Once I reached college and the Xbox and Halo launched, I was never that good again (but LAN Halo 1 on your sophomore dorm hall is easily one of the best experiences a person could have).

Who remembers Next Generation Magazine?  I have almost every copy ever made.  I loved it.  It covered the Dreamcast extensively.  Dreamcast was the first and the last system I stood in line to buy.  I still own my DC today and toy with the idea (if I ever could find the time) of setting it back up). Great times.

Happy anniversary Dreamcast.


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