Droid Doesn’t

Update: I believe the issues discussed below were caused some faulty hardware from initial, first day shipments.  With an updated Droid (i.e. new hardware), the issues below have disappeared.

Have you seen all those signs and advertisements about the Motorola Droid and how the Droid “Does” while hinting at how the iPhone does not?  I am here to report that after a week of playing with a Droid, it most certainly does not do what one would expect.  Read below although my thoughts are summed up beautifully by Stewart Alsop here.

The Droid promised many things – Android 2.0, beautiful hardware, tons of apps.  Sadly, it only partially delivered.

The machine (it is no longer just a phone) is slow: It takes a very long time to search for information (this is powered by Google, right?), taking photos or making videos is nearly impossible (holiday example: I wanted to make a video of my brother jumping in a lake after his golf ball — the video only started working once he was out of the lake…thanks, Droid, for messing up that opportunity), and the phone constantly brings up inane error messages requesting me to wait or force quit.  I hate to say this, but didn’t we move past crazy error messages now that Vista is gone?  Apple just works.  Google (online) just works.  I shudder to think about a mobile machine that fails — ex: 911 emergency and your phone requests that you wait or force quit to make a call.  Please.

Android 2.0 – this is where the Droid [likely] fails as the machine itself is filled with power.  Android is still for power users (i.e. the tinkerers and guys who like to dig into their software).  No regular user wants error messages.  They just want their phone to work.  Android 2.0 is impressive when it comes to things like Maps (the driving directions are wonderful and death knell to the GPS companies such as Garvin).

Hardware: Pros – beautiful screen and slim profile.  Cons – useless keyboard, terrible camera, heavy.  The battery lasts for less than half a day.  NOTE: I force quit a huge number of programs to try and a) speed things up and b) save battery.  It does not help.

I was rooting for the Droid.  I want Moto to succeed (I like underdogs and I think competition is good).  I want Google to succeed (someone needs to compete against the iPhone).  However, the Droid, in its current form (and before any major software updates), is a failure.


One thought on “Droid Doesn’t

  1. Not only that but that apps on android are INFERIOR. Just compare screenshot and funtionality of apps that exist on both devices. This is mainly due to the fact that the Droid/Milestone has only 256 mb for apps. After mentioning this someone will undoubtedly refer to the fact that apps could be partially stored on the mem card whilst the “guts” are stored Internally. This really only helps to complicate the execution of said apps. People will say you can root it and do apps2sd. Sure sure that will work ,BUT it still doesn’t change the fact that debs who make the apps aren’t making them to suit this purpose. In fact they are making small less funtional apps for the purpose of fitting them to that inferior storage. There are many iPhone apps that wouldn’t even fit on the droid. But the droid could run them unlike the other android phones. Which brings me to my next point. The other android phones (new and old) that are on the market hav inferior hardware to the droid. This leaves dev with the question of develop apps that will actually be worth a $h!! For the Droid or develop apps that will work on all android devices. They arrive at the answer of which will bring them more money. This leaves the droid running crapier apps than it should. Most android devices don’t support 3D graphics running with open gl es 1.1 but the ” Droid Does”. PROBLEM!!!! Sure droid can do it but this brings us back to the limited space again. 3D graphics in apps take up alot of memory. Hence no Google Earth for android. I myself had android for a year, I had high hopes for it, I was sick of sub par performance and waiting. That’s what android offers the average customer. Waiting waiting waiting. Whether they like it or not every Droid user is a debugger. Don’t get me wrong I think it is an excellent piece of technology but I don’t think it should be compared to the iPhone. Also the fact that Verizon feels it has to lunch nasty ads making fun of AT&T and the iPhone in order to gain customers is just bad politics. Ever wonder why they do that instead of just advertising what they have instead of what others don’t. Verizon in fact will be behind when they switch to GSM for LTE. As AT&T’s current GSM/HSPA 3g network is backwords compatible with LTE. This is why when I was contemplating on going from my T-Mobile G1 Android phone to something better I picked AT&T and the
    iPhone3GS. I had never used an iPhone till 3 weeks ago and I can tell you that it is far superior to any android phone. Look if your android fan that’s cool but iPhones capabilities and apps make androids look wonky. If you don’t believe me loom online at the apps that both offer. You’ll see.

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