Red Rings of Death

A few weeks ago, after a little over three years, my Xbox 360 received the notorious (and well documented) three red rings of death.

Microsoft has put in place an expensive but necessary program with a three year warranty for all Xboxes with the three red rings of death problem.  For those unaware, the problem stems for an undiagnosed issue with the hardware and relates somehow to overheating.  Newer xboxes do not have the problem.  However, my Xbox was purchased within the first year of the machine being on the market.  For a long time, I worried about the issue but nothing occurred.  My friends had multiple Xboxes die on them.  I never did.  And then, in the middle of a level, boom, machine was done.

I called up Microsoft on ~December 12 and they said that my three year warranty expired on November 26, 2009.  I missed the deadline by only a few weeks.

However, to Microsoft’s credit, I asked to speak with a supervisor who promptly said that he could approve a repair despite the end of the warranty period.  The supervisor sent me a pre-paid box and my fixed Xbox returned to me a few weeks later.

Microsoft, thank you!  I was thoroughly impressed with your service.  Obviously, I would have preferred to avoid this issue but you did the right thing and kept me as a happy customer.  The customer service was top notch.


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