I am a lawyer and businessman with a great love for tech especially: mobile, web, video game business.

I work for a mid-size telecommunications company.   I do merger & acquisition work plus strategy.  It is a great role.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Yes, Pandora is the bomb. Easily one of the best apps since the introduction of third party software on the iPhone, and I now use it on the computer all the time.
    I do like the Genius feature though because a) it makes making playlists about 1,000,000x easier, b) it’s ten times better than party shuffle which does not distinguish between hard rock and jazz and may thus play them one after the other, c) if I’m looking for new music, the genius feature does a pretty decent job at suggesting it, and i’d rather buy like this than how I did before, which felt more “blind”

    Keep up the good posting, buddy…

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